Mortgage Products

Mortgage Renewals

Come renewal time, your lender is banking on the fact that you’ll think that it’s too much work to shop around for a better mortgage. Let us do the shopping for you and we’ll find the best rate on your mortgage renewal.

Debt Consolidation

Wrap up all your existing high-interest debt into one low-interest payment. Don’t fruitlessly pay 15% interest on your credit card debt; make use of the equity in your mortgage and save thousands of dollars with a debt consolidation loan

First-Time Homebuyer Mortgages

Deciding to buy a home is just the first step. Make sure you get off to the right start by choosing a mortgage broker with the knowledge to answer all of your questions and can find you the best mortgage.

We will guide you through this exciting process so that match you with the best rate and benefits to meet your needs.

Build a New Home

What happens if you can’t find the home you’ve always dreamed of? In fact, your dream home might not even exist. At least, not yet. With a new construction mortgage, you can hire a contractor and have a house built tailor-made for your needs.

We are the ‘conduit’ between the builder and the financial institution from whom we obtain the best builder’s financial package. To make things easier, all the paperwork and all documentation is maintained and handled by us.


Unlock the equity in your home with a mortgage refinance. Regardless of if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, finance a down payment on a second home, pay for your children’s education or to fund a family vacation, you can use the equity in your home to support your dreams.

Second Home Mortgage

No matter if you’re looking to buy a second home as an investment, for a family member, for weekend getaways, or to rent out, we can help. We offer flexible mortgage options that will work for you.

Acreage Financing

Acreage financing for homes that are new, used, or yet to be built. The same benefits are available for rural settings. We have knowledge and experience concerning septics, cisterns and wells, and include these costs in your financing packages.

Reverse Mortgage

Over 55? Pay down your debts, renovate your home, or cover your day-to-day expenses with a reverse mortgage.

You can access up to 55% of the value of your home in tax-free cash while retaining ownership of your home, and never needing to make a payment. Because you maintain control of your home, you will never be forced to move or sell.