Working with a mortgage broker is an excellent idea for a number of reasons. When traditional lenders won’t give you an approval and the bank won’t provide you with a loan, a mortgage broker will help. While this is great, it’s not the only reason to pursue this route. An accredited mortgage broker who is registered will provide you with top-notch customer service and great rates along with the following:

  1. Industry knowledge is important to have and a qualified mortgage broker can provide you with the expertise that is required when purchasing a new property. Brokers are obligated to take courses, must be certified and follow strict industry guidelines, meaning they are informed regarding all of the latest business trends, interest rates and real estate markets. When it comes to investments and finance, mortgage brokers are well informed so they can pass on the right information to their clients. Don’t shy away from looking at a broker’s credentials, their experience along with their reviews and references because if they are qualified, they will have nothing to hide.
  2. Great rates are possible through a mortgage broker because they work with a number of different lenders and will shop around to find a rate that is suitable for you. In addition to great rates they can also provide you with a mortgage term that you’re comfortable with and in many cases, you will get a better rate than what the bank offered.
  3. Trust is a must and a reputable mortgage broker will make you feel comfortable right away. You will instantly feel great about working with them because they will make you feel like you’re in good hands. You need to trust that they’ll do their very best for you because you’re not just a random number but an important client. This includes following all of the privacy laws and regulations when it comes to handling your personal and confidential information.
  4. Mortgage brokers have flexible hours and can accommodate your schedule. They understand that standard office hours are not convenient for everyone and many clients need appointments during evenings or weekends, which a broker can provide. They can also offer flexible mortgage solutions, unlike other banks or lenders that must follow strict systems.

Mortgage Makers in Edmonton offers excellent rates and mortgage services for anyone thinking of buying a new property, renewing their mortgage, taking out a second home mortgage or applying for a home equity line of credit. If you have questions or want to know the options available to you then please give Mortgage Makers a call today!