No! Mortgage rates are an important part of the mortgage application but it shouldn’t be the only item you think about.

Questions you should be asking yourself are:

How long will you be living in this property, is there a possibility that you might be transferred with your job, do you think you might be getting married soon, are you going to be starting a family? These are just some of the questions you should be considering.

We don’t just deal with one lender so we have many solutions for you. Is flexibility key? If so then you might want to consider a variable term. The payout penalty is a lot lower with a variable rate. Are you thinking of having a baby right away? Then a longer-term fixed mortgage would be a better solution.

Since the government has changed the rules back in October of 2016, clients now qualify for all mortgage options. You are not just stuck with a 5 year fixed rate. Talking with a mortgage broker can help you decide what options work best for you.

It costs nothing to sit down and discuss what is available, how much you qualify for and what steps you need to take towards home ownership. We have flexible hours so meeting with you on your day off is never an issue.
Our goal is to make sure you are informed and happy with your mortgage decisions.

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