We are asked this question a great deal and believe that there are a number of advantages to using a broker rather than dealing with a branch of your current financial institution. As a mortgage broker we deal exclusively with mortgage financing, working in this area exclusively makes us very proficient at it.

Any one financial institution will have their range of product offerings but the mortgage business is very competitive with many more lenders vying for your business. One lender simply cannot offer the same product range a broker can access through their lending network. We work with well known lenders like charter banks and credit unions but also with a number of other prime lenders not as well known to the general public. This is an advantage to you as a client because you now have a larger selection of mortgage products which often translates to better mortgage rates, terms, and options than what your local branch may be offering.

Approval guidelines also vary from lender to lender, what gets declined with one lender can often be approved at another. Our knowledge of these guidelines helps us make sure your application is headed to the right lender. As a dedicated mortgage professional we keep ourselves apprised of changes to lender guidelines and mortgage products to make sure that we provide sound advice.

Brokers bring a lot to the table, working with your interests in mind, follow up service, flexible hours and a strong knowledge of mortgage financing, it’s a great combination to make sure that one of your largest investments is handled with professionalism.