Here is a list of the top reasons of why you should have a will:

  • Don’t let the government be in charge of your money and assets. Pick an executor and make sure you tell family where your will is.
  • Make your wishes’ known. How are you dividing your assets? Is there something special for a certain someone? Don’t let your loved ones fight over silly material things. Make it known and write it down.
  • It is not a lot of money to have a lawyer draft a will. Make sure it is done right.
  • If you have children you need to discuss the issue of guardianship. Who do you want looking after your children?
  • Do you want cremation or burial? When family is grieving your passing they shouldn’t have to fight over what they think you would have wanted.
  • Have you thought of a health care directive? What are your wishes for prolonging your life? Have you signed your organ donor card?

Life is uncertain. Death is a guarantee. Timing is anyone guess. Don’t wait. Most real estate lawyers also handle wills and personal directives. Make that a conversation when you are seeing your lawyer and signing the mortgage documents for purchasing your home.